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Kansas State University provides students with access to a number of software programs licensed from Cadence Design Systems *.

Cadence software tools are installed on the PCs in the ECE computing lab. Some of them run under Windows, while others run only under Linux.  To use the latter, you will need to startup the VMware version of Linux on the machine.  All require a valid ECE account for access.

Software available includes:

This software is used in a variety of courses, including: The software is also used by graduate students and faculty working on academic research projects sponsored by various companies and government labs.  Examples of sponsors include:

Using the Software

Software hosted on the Windows PCs is available through the Windows Start menu and includes on-line documentation.

IC design software hosted on Linux is a bit more involved to setup and use.  For a primer on how to use this software see your ECE696 class notes, and also see the on-line help pages and the tutorials created by other Cadence University Program member universities given in the links section above (especially the WPI tutorial !!).   

As of Spring 2013, we support improved access to the Linux-based Custom IC tools through  the K-State "Cadence Launcher" program developed by Matt Clewell.  The lab computer must have the Xserver software installed so that you can use full-screen, multiple-monitor output.


The WPI tutorial page is a "must see" for anyone new to the Custom IC design tools.  This link and the next link on the NCSU toolkit cover the process we use in our Introduction to VLSI course (ECE696) and is also good background reading.  Following these IC design links, there are two for "Pspice" and the associated PCB design software.  Finally, check out the links to Cadence's own information and that of other University partners!

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*Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134.  This page describes products from Cadence only.